Passing Fancies by Lynn Rushton


Original Oil and Precious Metals on Gallery Wrap Wood Panel
8×8 Unframed

This painting series explores the notion that blessings are blowing all around us. They require something from us- our breath to begin the process. Dandelions are full of wishes and blessings. They draw their names from the French for their jagged leaves—Lion’s teeth. Dandelion–these humble little daisies–are so common some people think they are weeds. This isn’t so.
Rich in folklore and medicinal tradition, the dandelion is known for granting wishes and predicting the future. But we have to participate in the good will with an exhale. Most of the dandelion’s good fortune comes from blowing the dandelion tufts. The feathery seed tufts are said to foretell anything from the number of children to years of life or inches of rain. My favorite dandelion fable describes blowing dandelion tufts and as they land on your body, you find welcome wherever you go and your wishes come true. These paintings are painted with precious metals as a juxtaposition to the humility of the dandelion. Bless you.

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