Lest We Forget by Toni Stanford


Original Oil on Canvas
16×20 Unframed

My reality is to serve God in what ever capacity that he requests of me, although that service may be flawed because I am flawed. This painting represents this quest as I press onward to be all that I can in being an ambassador of Christ in this age of denigration of Christian beliefs. The crucifixion of Jesus is represented by the cross. Christ Jesus is the incarnate Word of God (the Bible), the red votive recalls the blood of Christ shed for our sins. The flame bespeaks of Jesus as the Light of the World. The keys are frequently mentioned in biblical texts(ex: the keys to the kingdom). The fruit is from the scripture that we should bear much fruit and the gold rimmed glasses are for a clear and pure vision. The tapestry gives thought to the intricacy of the Word of God and the beauty of His plans. In creating a painting such as this I am hopeful that it will speak to someone’s heart or bring peace to their soul, if so I have accomplished what I set out to do by making the Gospel real to the viewer.

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