Color Me Happy by Kay Wyne


Original Oil and Charcoal on Gallery Wrap Canvas
44×38 Unframed

I love the process of painting. I love to paint fast and loose, with lots of color. My paintings may look as if they were painted quickly, without any thought or work put into it. Not the case. When I paint a subject matter-a floral still life on this canvas, mentally I take the image and transform it into black and white in my mind. I squint my eyes to deconstruct, simplify, edit and draw my own version of the vase and flowers. I exaggerate, add shapes, patterns and textures. When abstraction takes over, I get lost in the painting process. As a colorist, it brings me joy to paint with fresh, vibrant and harmonious colors. No muddy colors in my happy paintings! The marks and brushstrokes may be spontaneous, but I strive to get a good balance of shapes, colors, shadow, light and texture in my expressive abstracts. “Color Me Happy” is a painting that was fun and exciting to create, and I would want anyone who views it to feel that also.

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