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Morante, Gladys

Gladys Morante’s paintings are characterized by a sense of majesty and motion. The artist captures the sheer power, grace and magnificence of horses. One can almost hear the thunder of the galloping, and delight in the playfulness of the animals. The paintings are full of intense emotion while at the same time expressing a loving and tender tribute. Her deep sense of reverence and respect for the horses is evident in every piece of her art.

She was born in Peru in 1963, the daughter of a professional jockey. She grew contemptuous of her father because of his absolute dedication to horses and anything related to them. However, by the age of fourteen, her attitude completely reversed and the horse became the center of her life. She even attempted a career as a jockey herself.

With no clear direction after high school, she met a horse portrait artist with whom she began working with. This proved to be the start of an important and long-lasting friendship. After first assisting him in his work, she eventually began contributing directly through the application of under painting. Realizing Gladys’ potential, her new-found mentor advised her to join the School of Arts where she graduated with honors.

Morantes works have been exhibited in several prestigious locations such as the Embassy of Spain, the United States Embassy, El Museo de la Nacion, Galleria Borkas and the Russian Cultural Institute.

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