Looking for Motivated Part-time to Full-time Sales Associate

The ideal candidate will aid staff members with administrative and creative tasks. Their duties range from managing correspondence to monitoring visitors. They are typically responsible for special events, the safety of the gallery’s collection, completing sales, and working with the gallery’s computer systems.

The candidate will be able to manage communication with visitors and other outside parties, including our marketing agency as well as help setup and breakdown exhibits and coordinate on-site events. The candidate should be extremely organized, detail oriented and highly educated, often possessing at least a bachelor’s degree in art history or a related area. Experience in working in private galleries or large, public facilities would be a plus.

The candidate will be asked to handle phone traffic and avoid tying up the phone lines. Assist in preparing purchase orders and coordinate events and exhibits with marketing agent. During regular hours and special events, the candidate will ensure that the gallery is clean and that visitors follow the rules. They are responsible for monitoring and keeping artwork safe while the gallery is open. Assist staff and/or manage the front desk. Greet visitors, answer questions and sales inquiries.

Must be personable, knowledgeable about artists and exhibits and have the ability to remember names and faces. Promote current and upcoming exhibits and ensure that visitors do not damage any works in the gallery. Help with the physical installation of exhibits which you may have to lift frames or have to climb a ladder. Allocating display materials and removing artwork when an exhibit is over.

Generally, responsible for managing gallery’s information and computer systems. Must be proficient in the software that is used at our gallery. Gallery staff members and marketing team may conduct research projects, candidate may help coordinate resources and maintain information. Candidate must have strong communication skills to work with gallery staff and outside parties on long-term projects. Candidate may be responsible for coordinating and mailing invitations or assisting with publicity for events at our gallery.

  • Must be willing to work from 9am to 5:30pm Tuesday – Saturday.
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook Pages.
  • Must be willing to wear professional casual attire.
  • Must be willing to be a team player.
  • Must be willing to follow directions from management.
  • Must be willing to use company e-mail for Gallery correspondence.
    Please e-mail your cover letter and resume to: resume@dutchartgallery.net No phone calls

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