A big thank you to both our LESS IS MORE | Limited Color Palette Juried Show Judges. They had difficult decisions to make. Artwork was judged using a number system, rather than artist names. Judges scored based on the following 4 categories: Interpretation and clarity of the theme; Creativity and originality of the work; Quality of artistic composition; Overall design and overall impression. Here are the winners.

Lost Veil by Hebe Brooks
12×48 | Oil on gallery-wrap canvas

From the artist:
The colors were limited to red, green, yellow ochre and white which combined to produce a range of values to achieve every detail in this painting from the leaves, to the droplets, to the insects and to the veil that came to its resting place in the ground.

Standing in Blue by Patrick Michael Reeves
24×24 | Oil on panel

From the Artist:
The goal of each piece is to create a realistic image with a minimal amount of information. Various levels of atmosphere, with soft and hard edges, create a dream-like recollection of the subject.

Royalty by Rebecca Zook
12×12 | Acrylic on cradled panel

From the artist:
It is said that cats were once worshipped as gods. It is also said that they have never forgotten. From ancient times to now they maintain this position. One never truly owns a cat.

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