10th Annual Art Exhibition


1st Place Winner, Reflection By Suzanne Moseley
2nd Place Winner, The Eagle’s Eye By Sharon Hodges
3rd Place Winner, One of a Kind Reunion By Hebe Brooks
People’s Choice Winner, I See You By Nancy Beauchamp

ART ENTRIES BY: Ann Rogers, Ashley Herrera, Barron Postmus, Ben Williams, Carol McKenzie, David Swantner, Debbie Stevens, Donna Wilson Page, James Swanson, Joseph E. Mills, M.D., Julie Beth Wileman, Katherine Martinez, Kristine Byars, Layne Johnson, Mary Nickell, Marybeth Otway, Michelle Noah, Mike Schroeder, Nancy Beauchamp, Pat Meyer, Patsy Lindamood, Rex Miller, Ron Stever, Shirley Quaid, Suzanne Moseley, Tina Bohlman, Victor Blakey, Brenda Brannon, Hebe Brooks, Barbara Brush, Ed Crumley, Laurieann Dygowski, Steve Hahn, Sheri Jones, David Leister, Dr. Carvel Lincoln, Ann McCann, Scott McManus, Donna Wilson Page, Jacob T. Secrest, Bob Shepherd, Keith Williams, Kyle Wood and Kay Wyne

Blissful Bovine By Marybeth Otway


New Beginnings By Layne Johnson


Wild Peonies By Pat Meyer


Rainy Blues By Sheri Jones


Tiger In The Grass By Victor Blakey


Wild Country By Ed Crumley


One Of A Kind Reunion By Hebe Brooks


High Noon By Rex Miller


Sawtooth By Rex Miller


Tradition By Kristine Byars


Time Of The Wolf By James Swanson


Waiting For The Winner By Laurieann Dygowski


Nature’s Wild Garden By Sheri Jones


Musk Thistle By Mike Schroeder


Last Rays of Light By Scott McManus


Surreal Owl By Ashley Herrera


Wild And Wicked By Kay Wyne


Where Eagles Soar By David Leister


Night Owl By Keith Williams


Scissortail Flycatcher By Tina Bohlman


Durango Elk in the Rut By David Swantner


Upgrade By Marybeth Otway


Wild Rose Garden By Pat Meyer


Winter Pasture By Shirley Quaid


Encroachment By Katherine Martinez


The Eagle’s Eye By Sharon Hodges


In Charge Of Everything By Sharon Hodges


Wild Blue Yonder By Sharon Hodges