Where Eagles Soar By David Leister

Where Eagles Soar By David Leister


Original Oil on Linen Canvas

30×40 Unframed

“Eagles: When they walk, they stumble. They are not what one would call graceful. They were not designed to walk. They fly. And when they fly, oh, how they fly, so free, so graceful. They see from the sky what we never see.” – “They’re wild”


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Artist David LeisterDavid L. Leister has been drawing and painting since early childhood and he has produced and sold over four hundred paintings which are in private collections in the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

David and his artist wife, Martha, recently moved from a small fishing village in Eastport, Maine to the city of Phoenix, Arizona. In Maine, he and his wife operated a small gallery in their restored 1820 sea captain’s house. Although the scenery is very different from Maine, they are enjoying the varied landscapes of Arizona and David has been inspired to execute several paintings of Sedona, the Grand Canyon and Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona.

Landscapes and seascapes are David’s preferred subject matter, although he has also executed many portrait and still life paintings during his long career as an artist. His preferred painting mediums are oil and watercolor.

David is completely self-taught, except for advice given by his wife. His paintings have won awards in prestigious shows in Texas and Oklahoma and he recently won First Place in The Dutch Art Gallery 2014 Spring Art Show in Dallas, Texas and is currently represented by the gallery.

David is an accomplished classical pianist and amateur musicologist. He enjoys listening to classical, folk, or Celtic music while he paints.

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