Tierra By Beth V

Tierra By Beth VanDeventer


Original Oil on Canvas

16×20 Unframed

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Beth VanDeventerWorthy Of Exploration

I paint portraits with the objective of creating beautiful, unique works of art that reveal the subject as I see them with an impressionistic interpretation of reality.

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y artwork comes out of my dogged (no pun intended) if not stubborn commitment to work hard and practice the fundamentals of drawing and painting. Of all of the potential subjects that can be painted, I find the human form, and particularly the face most interesting and worthy of exploration. I am amazed at how a tiny variation in shape, line, color or texture can completely alter the identity of a person. This intense focus on details that fit into the big picture is immensely fascinating and perplexing to me. Portraits give me the opportunity to have face-to-face interactions with others that I find very personally satisfying. My goal is to create not only a likeness of the individual but to try to capture that specific expression that helps to define some facet of the individual personality of the subject.

Beth VanDeventerMy portraits may be of people, or animals. At this point in time my process is the same regardless of the specific subject. Through my artwork I hope to convey to others the unique qualities of the subject: energy, calmness, contemplation, beauty or power. I use a digital camera and take many, many photos of the subject in order to offer me the flexibility of finding the ideal expression that best reflects the character of the person I am painting. Although I do paint from life, most subjects, especially children and animals are not able to hold a pose for more than a moment, and my visual memory is limited. I like painting in both pastels and oils as with each I can achieve a loose, painterly quality. At the moment I find the pastel works often are a great vehicle to capture quickly the likeness of a person. I find I am able to create a good likeness of the subject without too much effort with pastels.

My current focus of work is on children and on older kids and adults during moments when they are connected and involved in something that they are interested in. I find children so innocent and beautiful (I feel certain that this is not their uniform state) and worthy of painting. I want to capture the subject at a particular time and place that reflects the person’s individual interests. My objective is to capture children and their parents being themselves. Playing, engaged with other kids, focused on creating and committed to something that interests them. I am not a fan of posed smiling subjects, because it feels false and does not allow me to get the candid look I am searching for.

Beth VanDeventerBeth VanDeventer

My work shown here represents both people and animals, with a single still life’s thrown in.

Although the best instruction and painting opportunities come from working from painting from life, I have been greatly influenced by television, and have attempted to recreate portraits of characters portrayed on classical period programs, such as Masterpiece Theatre.

I would be extremely honored to be considered to create your family member or pet’s portrait. Please refer to the commission page for details related to pricing. Feel free to contact me through the contact page if you are interested in a commissioned portrait.

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