The Storm By Thao Le

The Storm By Thao Le


Original Oil on Canvas

24×36 Unframed

This is for Texas, land of severe and unpredictable weather. With the sun shining through the heavy clouds, oak trees on the field and cowboys with cattle, I want to capture a very beautiful moment of life in texas. Just like a storm, it is big, it is fast and it is beautiful.

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I started painting and sculpting since I was 7 years old. After graduated from Hue Fine Art University in Vietnam, I worked at my studio created art for customers and government. I had won many awards through out the nation as well as other countries contests. After I came to America in 1997, I continued paint and sculpt for commissions. Now I live and work in Rowlett, Texas.

I follow Realism and Romanticism. However, I believe Realism doesn’t meant you copy exact how the nature object looks like. The artist isn’t a copy machine or a camera. Instead Realism is a realistic version of the nature object through artist’s eyes. That was how an old master did their arts. When you look at my art (paintings) you don’t look at a photo on a canvas even they look realistic and have a lot of details, instead you are looking at the world through my eyes and I hope it brings you some joys by viewing them.

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