Swift Hunter by Rebecca Zook


Original Acrylic on Panel
12 x 12 Unframed

Fast feet capture the swiftest lizard or snake prey. A harsh life in a severe environment, he makes a home and thrives in the adversity. Body well adapted for this life, the fearless roadrunner hunts even the venomous rattlesnake. Running tirelessly, but hiding his path from those who would hunt him. X-shaped tracks do not reveal direction.

While working on the piece, I had a pair of roadrunners visit. My husband spotted them running on the railing of the back deck, then on the deck itself. Being very poor fliers, they were trying to find a way onto the roof which is about two and a half stories from the back of the house. We were laughing watching their antics. One jumped onto a small table and peered in the window before jumping to a deck umbrella and finally to the roof. I hope they are nesting nearby.

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