Red And Yellow By Doris Vasek

Red And Yellow By Doris Vasek


Original Cold Wax and Oil on Panel

32×16 Unframed

Red and Yellow contains so many things that remind me of the Southwest. Most often, I think of the vivid bright colors and colors worn by time and weather. The new and old of the Southwest. It was painted after a trip to Northern New Mexico, a place that I have always loved.

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I paint because color is a significant language to me. – Georgia O’Keeffe

Doris still considers herself an emerging artist because she has been painting only a few years. Her fascination with color first led her to watercolor. Doris began studying watercolor art with Naomi Brotherton in 2005. Since then, Doris has taken workshops with many respected watercolor artists.  Never intending to work in a different medium or style, Doris took an oil and cold wax workshop with Rebecca Crowell in 2012. The oil and wax process was eye opening. The process tends to “make” colors directly on the art panel. Doris loves it! Instead of looking for “something” to paint, the oil and wax process is intuitive. It has been a revelation for her.

Doris’ “Art Mentor” is Karen Vernon. Karen knew immediately that Doris had a very analytic view of art and has been helping Doris to break out ever since then. With Karen’s guidance, Doris continues to make artistic discoveries almost daily. It started with watercolors (which will never be given up) and is continuing to produce oil and wax paintings.

She’s a native Texan and paints in her studio in Rockwall, Texas. Her art is in numerous private collections and has been accepted to juried exhibitions for Southwestern Watercolor Society, Texas Visual Art Association, Texas and Neighbors Regional Exhibition, Visual Art Society of Texas, Georgetown Art Hop and the 2013 Texas National Exhibition. Her works are currently showing at The Gallery at Round Top in Round Top, Texas.

“My abstract works are about color and texture composition. The colors are made on the surface of panels or paper. Very little paint is ever mixed on my palette. Sometimes, the most luscious colors appear in the tiniest areas. They can become inspiration for the whole piece. I love knowing that all of the colors I have ever applied will always be a part of each painting, even if they are deep down in the painting. I invite the viewer to enjoy each painting from a distance and then come closer to find the little jewels of color and texture in some of the smallest places. The viewer may find a color or shape that is one of a kind, never to be repeated.” – Doris Vasek

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