Passage of Time by Katherine Martinez


Original Oil on Panel

9 x 12 Unframed

At first glance this may seem to be another still life, but wait! Take a closer look. The freshly picked rose that has been placed atop the candle holder, flows through the passage of time within the reflections of each piece of silver.

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While Plato believed that art is simply an imitation of life, I believe that the best paintings and works of art have the power to transcend reality and expose raw emotions and truths that a viewer might never see in their life. Fueled by daily experimentation, the free-flowing expression of the human form, the energy of working from life, and my Peruvian heritage, I am constantly producing new works of art. All in a continuous effort to push my own artistic boundaries.
I am a fine art graduate from Richland Community College, and currently am apprenticed to figurative artist Michael Mentler at the Society of Figurative Arts, while studying with realism artist Deborah Stenberg at Brookhaven College, and working part time as a Gallery Assistant/Custom Frame Designer for the Dutch Art Gallery.


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