Little Sheriff By Sharon Hodges

Little Sheriff By Sharon Hodges


Original Oil on Gallery Wrap

48×36 Unframed

This painting is about the bond between this child and his canine companion. They will be buddies thru thick and thin, for many years of tumbles and adventures. The patient gaze of the dog shows her devotion for the child. I try to give voice to our canine companions, as I believe they are wise and full of heart.

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Sharon HodgesA Native Texan, I Fell To Earth In 1955

My genetic family includes an artist aunt, farmers, ranchers, engineers, social workers, architects, missionaries, CIA, geologists, gardeners, golfers (lots of golfers), historians, teachers, all creative in their fields. I am blessed with many acquaintances and a few lifelong friends.

My mother still has the first four oil paintings I produced at age 10-ish. I forgive her. They are not museum worthy…really, they are not even attic-worthy. Nevertheless, thus began my love affair with paint. At age 12, a landscape sold for $35.00 at The Dutch Art Gallery, Dallas, TX. Intimidated, I abandoned paint for teenage life in the seventies. What a chicken.

Flash forward > four decades of education (BFA University of North Texas), weddings, divorce, careers, daughter, houses, passports, pets, (the stuff of life, lived), and I still want paint. No, actually, I need paint.

Finally, painting is allowed as a priority.

Finally, rejection is merely a learning curve.

Finally, when the work sells, I am thrilled, intimidation be damned.

Finally, time is stolen to ‘shut up and paint’.

Life is good.

Painting is my adjective. I appreciate the opportunity to share my work with you. Thank you for being a patron of the arts.

*This is not a lie….I was a breach birth.

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