Late Summer Evening by Joan Chamberlain


Original Acrylic on Panel

18 x 24 Unframed

Flowers from a late summer garden cast interesting shadows across a patio table, set for a couple of wine lovers. Like looking for shapes in the clouds, I can find fun characters in the long, cast shadows of the bottle, flowers and leaves. Can you see the guard dog baring his teeth at anyone daring to steal a sip of wine?

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Art and nature have been my lifelong companions. The creative expression of art has ebbed and flowed throughout my life. Fascinated with nature as a child, I had a desire to learn about biology and botany. That interest has informed my artistic technique and subject matter in a myriad of ways.
During my school years, I divided my time between freelance art projects and the study of science. I became a dentist and practiced for 35 years, retiring in 2016. Throughout my dental career, I painted murals and various other commissions for a diverse clientele throughout the U.S. I have experimented with many media and learned technique from many teachers and fellow artists, but my biggest influence
was my father who taught me the beauty of tools and their amazing power to transform a piece of paper or canvas.
Since my retirement, I have found time to explore equally interesting passions – gardening, cooking, and travel. The art of food and wine has emerged as a soul-satisfying focus for my creative energy, and has filled my studio with canvases and paper images that remind me of good times spent with friends. My paintings and drawings that feature the settings and moments we associate with the enjoyment of food and wine are meant to remind you of those good times.
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