Lady of the Wood by Layne Johnson


Original Oil on Panel
24×12 Unframed

2nd Place Winner
I’m actually a huge Lord of the Rings fan and I have listened to the emotional ending song from The Return of the King for years with great affection. Titled “Into the West” and sung by Annie Lennox, it is an ethereally sad departure song . . . but at the same time it promises hope for ones left behind. When one travels “into the west” it’s also a golden moment when we feel the last rays of sunlight on our faces and the land comes alive in color. The golden hour.

The lyrics include this passage:
Hope fades/Into the world of night/Through shadows falling/Out of memory and time
Don’t say/We have come now to the end/White shores are calling/You and I will meet again/And you’ll be here in my arms/Just sleeping

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