Koi Spawning Party By Laurieann Dygowski

Koi Spawning Party By Laurieann Dygowski


Original Acrylic on Scratchboard Panel

8×10 Unframed

Never having painted fish until recently, the colors and movement of the Koi in spring, made this a challenge for myself. I came in close for the composition, to emphasize the tension between the fish during mating season, causing the whirling water splashes to be a major part of the design.

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Art Is Essential For The Growth Of The Human Spirit

Ever since kindergarten, art and creativity have been a driving force in my life. After heading into a career of computer design and marketing, I abandoned my fine art. I laid up my paints and brushes, and put them away to gather dust, so I could pursue what I thought was the creativity of commercial art. This eventually led me to start my own marketing and graphic arts company, CPU Graphics. But because of a number of circumstances, such as being surrounded by creative people, and volunteering on the city arts commission, I got out those old oil pastels that were waiting over 15 years and created my first drawing. That drawing was such a revelation to me and to my brain. It was like a part of my mind had been asleep and was now awakened—again. Since that day, I’ve never looked back, I have created hundreds of pieces of art in various media, demonstrated for many art clubs in the Metroplex, received honors and awards from local, state, and out-of-state galleries in juried art exhibitions.

I create my paintings, drawings, art jewelry, and altered clothing using mixed to traditional media. My favorite painting style is mixed media, applying a multi-colored acrylic paint base painting, mixed with gesso for texture, onto a gallery wrapped canvas, then after the base dries, using oil pastels over the base, producing multiple layers of colors for exciting the eye. My second favorite mixed media is scratchboard with acrylic. Landscapes and people are two of my favorite subjects, and lately I have been creating more with scratchboard art using fish, or ducks and geese, which we raise as a painting theme.

Sometimes the subject matter might be something I see everyday, have lived with, or is around my home. I continue to enjoy adding to my Winds of Change series, depicting the sculptural beauty of wind turbines, and the importance of their growth as a green energy to the future of our children and the economy of the United States. Whether wind turbines with people, vegetables, or flowers from my garden, ducks and geese that I raise, or sights and scenes from my roads travels around the US, I want to share this art with you.

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