Edgy by Pat Meyer


Original Oil on Linen Panel

9 x 12 Unframed

Edgy is making you look and see what the artist saw as the juicy watermelon is sliced in it’s abstract dramatic way.


Pat MeyerLuckily, after many years as a corporate executive, including a seat on the Board of Directors of BET Services, Pat was finally able to pursue a passion that she has admired for many years.

She has had the honor of studying with numerous National artists, including Judy Crowe, Robert Johnson, Clayton Beck, Daniel Keys, Chuck Rawles, Qiang Huang, Bill Kalwick, and Gregg Kruetz. As well as touring and studying at some of the finest museums in Europe and America.

Patricia has received numerous awards and accolades for her works in oil, pastels, and watercolors. These laurels have been the defining impetus behind her drive to refine her technical skills, always striving to find the perfect balance between technique and emotion in her work.

Pat is currently specializing in oil and her clients express their enjoyment for her refined representational style of art. Her still life and landscape creations demonstrate her love of color. Pat’s balanced approach of personal expression and technical refinement is portrayed in each of her paintings. Her artistic drive attempts to capture the beauty of God’s natural creations and present them in such a way that they will invoke a special feeling to be enjoyed throughout life. Each and every painting should spark the sole of the viewer, as they are glanced upon throughout the day. She hopes that her work will bring joy and serenity, a blessing if you will, to all that she encounters.

At this point in her career, commission works, primarily in Portrait, Abstract, Landscape, and Still Life, occupies most of Pat’s time. Pat tries to persuade her clients to incorporate a valued personal treasure; something that represents a special part of their lives, into the paintings that are commissioned. Further strengthening the emotional bond between the work of art and the viewer.

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