Cypress Mist - Dalhart Windberg

Cypress Mist – 8X10 – Dalhart Windberg



Dalhart Windberg

8X10 Print

An open edition reproduction print can be produced in any quantity and the image may also be used in other ways (such as tableware, jigsaws etc). Open editions tend to cost less than limited editions and are much less likely to increase in value. The term open edition can be interchangeable with ‘poster’.

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As a young man, Dalhart Windberg toured the museums of Europe, studying the development of European art through the centuries. The native Texan was most impressed by the work of Renaissance masters. Thus began the evolution of Windberg’s own distinctive art – contemporary America rendered in traditional European style.

Windberg’s painstaking craftsmanship produces an incredibly smooth surface, upon which his subtle glowing colors blend in-discernibly into one another and the play of light and shadow is carefully rendered. A misty Windberg landscape exhibits a detailed, yet luminous quality.

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