Contigo Peru (With You Peru) by Katherine Martinez


Original Oil on Galley Wrap Canvas
16×20 Unframed

Inspired by Arturo Zambo Cavero’s song “Y Se Llama Peru”. In summary he sings “Fishing the oceans, working the soil and seeing the marvelous mountains makes me love my homeland more and more. It is the land of the Inca that the sun shines on with God’s blessing. The land that fills our hand with bread. I also call myself Peru, because it is my race, the Peruvian race, who painted the colors of my home with blood, sweat and spirit”. My muse had a beautiful and strong demeanor, with calloused hands, wind-burned rosy cheeks and a hardened expression after living a long life in the rural lands of Cusco. On the weekends many men and women like her would descend from the northern mountains, walking down the seemingly mile-long stone steps with their bag of goods swung over their shoulders. All headed towards the huge food markets that spilled out from the buildings and along the small streets. I created this piece to never forget who I am, to honor my family and homeland and to be grateful for the life I have as an American.


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