Autumn Meadow by Kyle Wood


Original Oil on Canvas

8 x 10 Unframed

Autumn Meadow is the companion piece to Poppies Meadow. Vibrant colors of spring have now been replaced with the deep fall colors of red, orange, gold, brown and a few hints of green from summer.



Kyle Wood | Landscape Artist/Realism

Kyle Wood was born in Dallas, Texas, on February 19, 1972. He studied Architecture and Art at the University of Texas in Arlington, where received his Bachelor Fine Arts in Graphic Design. In his formative years, Kyle studied with local artist, Calonnie Gragg, while growing up in Mesquite, Texas. Under her guidance, he learned the basics of color mixing, value, composition, and drawing. After college, Kyle had the privilege studying with June Lee, where he picked up some new painting techniques using the palette knife and learning more about color and value. In 2013, Kyle took the opportunity to study with iconic Texas Artists, Dalhart Windberg and Michael Windberg, in a three day landscape painting workshop in Shreveport, Louisiana. The three day painting workshop was fun, intense, and rewarding. Dalhart and Michael offered quite a bit of information about how to prepare a canvas for painting, rules of composition, value, color, using the Windberg painting and glazing mediums, and the process of painting trees. Many of the techniques from this workshop, Kyle has implemented into his own work.

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