Aspen Forest by Brenda Brannon


Original Oil on Canvas

24 x 36 Unframed

Who knows what is hidden in the forest of aspen trees? The possibilities are endless. One of the Aspen’s defining characteristics is its root system. Well hidden below ground, the tree has an extensive root system that can grow up to 40 feet away from the parent tree. Also, the aspen tree is certainly a treat for the senses. Not only is the deciduous hardwood easy on the eyes, it is also treasured for the calming melody it emits when the wind flutters its many leaves. So, it’s no wonder they provide a splendid home to many plants, animals and insects. If you look closely you may see a little chipmunk scampering across a log, a small deer peering around a tree trunk through the brush, or a large horned owl perched high above, keeping watch on all below with his keen sense of sight, perhaps contemplating the scampering chipmunk as his next meal.

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