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Morning Glow by Suzanne Moseley


Myth of the West Jackalope By Lynn Rushton


New Beginnings By Layne Johnson


Night Owl By Keith Williams


Nip & Tuck by Patsy Lindamood


One Of A Kind Reunion by Hebe Brooks


Path in the Forest by Ann McCann


Pride of South Africa By Debbie Lincoln


Roadrunner by Brenda Brannon


Sacred Geese by Rebecca Zook


Scissortail Flycatcher By Tina Bohlman


Serene Morning by David Swantner


Shorebirds By Lynn Rushton


Soar by Rebecca Zook


Soaring By Barron Postmus


Soul Searching by Rebecca Zook


Sticking Together By Debbie Stevens


Swift Hunter by Rebecca Zook


Tempest by Layne Johnson


The Beauty Within by Charice Cooper


The Chosen By Debbie Stevens


The Eagle’s Eye By Sharon Hodges


The Girls in Blue by Layne Johnson


The Hunters By Barron Postmus