Do You See What I See - Winter 2017

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Passage of Time by Katherine Martinez


Eye’ve Got an Eye on You by Patsy Lindamood


Nip & Tuck by Patsy Lindamood


Green Ephemeral by Keith Williams


Blue Ephemeral by Keith Williams


Serene Morning by David Swantner


Tempest by Layne Johnson


Overtaken By Time by Layne Johnson


‘Till the End of the Day by Layne Johnson


Dancing Tulips by Diane McKenna


Autumn Glow by Lisa Adams Reed


Evening Glow by Lisa Adams Reed


Hieroglyphics by Sharon K. Hodges


Do You See What I See? by Ramona Freeman


Cacti by Ellie Taylor


Perplexity by Ellie Taylor


Upward by Ellie Taylor


Rosé Reflections by Joan Chamberlain


Straying by Steve Hahn


Poolside Rosé by Joan Chamberlain


Bird of Prey by Victor Blakey


Path in the Forest by Ann McCann


Impression of a Dutch Master by Martin Sanchez


Copper Canyon by Steve Hahn