Do You See What I See - Winter 2017

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Happy Trails by Jeanetta Roper Brewster


Running Colors After the Rain by Laurie Pace


Abandoned Garden by Jeanetta Roper Brewster


Tranquility by Lou Ann Bower


Passage of Time by Katherine Martinez


Light Reflected On The Wing by Lou Ann Bower


Eye’ve Got an Eye on You by Patsy Lindamood


Nip & Tuck by Patsy Lindamood


Balanced Scales by Joseph Peña


Don’t Peek Mummy – It’s a Surprise! by Marion Vidal


Autumn Dances by Marion Vidal


Green Ephemeral by Keith Williams


Blue Ephemeral by Keith Williams


Viscera Botanica by Sara Evans


Air Jewels by Sara Evans


After the Ball by Sara Evans


Serene Morning by David Swantner


Floating Tangerine by Diane McKenna


Tempest by Layne Johnson


‘Till the End of the Day by Layne Johnson


Dancing Tulips by Diane McKenna


Autumn Glow by Lisa Adams Reed


Evening Glow by Lisa Adams Reed


Repeat by Kay Wyne