Do You See What I See - Winter 2017

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Juicy Fruit Bowl by Martha Marx


Late Summer Evening by Joan Chamberlain


Impossible Possible by Leighann Foster


Be Who You Are by Leighann Foster


After the Storm by Rex Miller


Texas Born and Bred by Patty Pendergast


Good Doggie by Marybeth Otway


September Fog by Linda Reedy


Bluebonnets in the Early Afternoon by Liz Rugg


Town by the Lake by Liz Rugg


Diver by Dennis Crayon


Dutch Tulips by Dennis Crayon


Scenic Blanco Basin by Sheri Jones


Crazy for Crape Myrtles by Sheri Jones


Edgy by Pat Meyer


Autumn by Jim Phipps


Ducks on Slippery Ice by Jim Phipps


Rainy Day by Hebe Brooks


First Collection by Mary Nickell


Adam Hats, Deep Ellum by Katrina Marie Rasmussen


Southern Marsh by Brenda Brannon


Eucalyptus Tree by James Swanson


The Gondolier by James Swanson


Roadrunner by Brenda Brannon