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Lonely Vigil By Dalhart Windberg


Ashland Overlook By Henry Peeters


Port de St. Tropez By Lucien Delarue


Venice By H. Jason


Venice le Grand Canal By Jean Kevorkian


Paris La Seine au Pont Neuf By Jean Kervorkian


The Tempest Near By Steve Hahn


Window To White Rock By Steve Hahn


Seine River Bridge By H. Wood


Fog On Carmel Bay By Sharon Hodges


Before The Sun Down By Thao Le


Unregistered Guest by Kristine Byars


En El Puerto By Martha Cristel


Texas Coast By Robert De Leon


The Athenaeum By David Leister


Bridge At Argenteull By Tony Arthur


Diver by Dennis Crayon


The Cliffs At Nahant By David Leister


The Gondolier by James Swanson


Carmel Bay in Bloom By Sharon Hodges


Abandon En La Playa By Bacci


Poolside Rosé by Joan Chamberlain


Seascape With Children By Scott Duncan


Texas Beach By Robert De Leon