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Another Winter’s Eve By Kyle Wood


Appalachian Retreat In Spring By Kyle Wood


Arch de Triomphe By Pietro Demone


Arch de Triomphe in the Evening By T. Pencke


Birdwell Farm by Bob Shepherd


Boulevard In France By T. Pencke


Cafe in the Park – Willie Bauer


Chapel Garden By Kyle Wood


Dining in the Garden By Willie Bauer


Espada Mission By Florent Baecke


French Cityscape By T. Pencke


French Square By T. Pencke


French Street Scene By T. Pencke


Generations Of Faith By Kyle Wood


His Light Shines By Kyle Wood


Home Run Porch By Jacob T. Secrest


Joyous Morning By Kyle Wood


Morning Break By Kyle Wood


Outdoor Cafe By Mario Passoni


Paris La Seine au Pont Neuf By Jean Kervorkian


Parisian Street Scene By T. Pencke


Port de St. Tropez By Lucien Delarue


Seine River Bridge By H. Wood


Spring Medley By Kyle Wood