Fall Show 2016

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Admiration By Kay Wyne


Beach Houses By Ed Crumley


Breezy Fall Trees By Sheri Jones


Bridge At Argenteull By Tony Arthur


Cypress Jazz By Sheri Jones


Dancers At The Bar By Jacob T. Secrest


Evening At The Rogers By Kyle Wood


Flaming June By Steve Hahn


Flavors Of Tuscany By Beverly Richmond


Landscape At Twilight By Ellie Taylor


Lovers In A Wood By Vern Rollin III


Mountain Lake By Jerry Valentine Malzahn


Ozark’s Color Of Winter By Scott McManus


Pomegranate Reflections By Beverly Richmond


Resting Place By Steve Hahn


Starry Night By Ellie Taylor


Thatched Houses In Cordville By Ellie Taylor


The Athenaeum By David Leister


The Cliffs At Nahant By David Leister


The Tempest Near By Steve Hahn


The Valley By Ed Crumley


Valley Of The Yosemite By Jerry Valentine Malzahn


Window Shopping By Kyle Wood