Schirpik, Grant

I, like most children, was often asked what I wanted to be when he grew up. I usually answered with whatever the mood struck at the time… fireman, actor, hand model. It took years to fully appreciate that this question was significant and merited careful consideration. But by that time, I had finished my education, and with a BA in Psychology from The University of Texas, was on my way to working at unfulfilling, dead-end jobs. So as an adult I found myself asking that same question again. Through soul searching, career counseling, and a little advice from friends and family, I discovered my answer required a foundation built on creativity and self expression.

This decision, while vague and full of more questions, steered me to a path that I still happily travel today. First, I returned to school to study graphic design. Then I embarked on a career as an art director. With my current employer, the American Heart Association, I find my work more fulfilling than ever because it is both creatively challenging and rewarding for its impact on people’s health and well-being.

Still, there are times when the confines of the business environment and client demands leave little room for self expression. During a chance encounter with an artist neighbor, I discussed my yearning for other outlets for my creative energies. My neighbor gave me a copy of an art school brochure, and I knew I’d found a clear path to explore my creative urges in a new way to new creative explorations. Drawn to oils, I began studying techniques and have been happily painting ever since. I love painting all types of subject matter, while exploring texture, light and color. If I’m not at the studio, or working, I’m at home with my 2 awesome dogs.

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