Gerald, M.P.

Born in Ancash, Peru, in 1963, Gerald comes from a family of artists. His father was a painter while his mother is a reknown ceramist. He studied in the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes de Lima under the direction of well known masters like Milner Cajahuaringa and Miguel Angel Cuadros. He graduated from the art school in 1988, being awarded the second place prize. He has held several exhibitions including two One-Person shows. Among his most important exhibitions should be mentioned: Galeria 2VS (1994, 1989), Galeria Alianza Francesa (1993, 1992), Museo Pedro de Osma (1992), Galeria Formas (1993) and Municipalidad de Miraflores (1990). His two most important awards are his 1st prize in the contest “Arte Joven” organized by Galeria 2VS (1989) and 3rd prize on National Contest organized by the Hotel Crillon (1989).

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