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1st Place Winner: Kluge By Barron Postmus


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2nd Place Winner: Snow Walker By Linda Wacaster


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3rd Place Winner: The Journey By Susan Jump


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People’s Choice Winner: Sunset At The Ranch By Rex Miller



DALLAS, TEXAS – The Dutch Art Gallery hosted the 6th Annual Juried Art Exhibition: Pursuit of The Southwest on Saturday, December 6, 2014. This open invitation to 2D Artists regardless of where they resided sent their best interpretation of the theme “Pursuit Of The Southwest”. Their goal was to reveal the nature of the beauty of the Southwest. In scenery, refreshing ideas or a pursuit related to the Southwest of America. Local artists, members of Art Leagues, Regional and National Memberships submitted an original entry in oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, cold wax and/or mixed media.

56 Artists Entered A Maximum Of 3 Entries. 120 Entries Were Accepted.

Artists Featured: Tina Bohlman, Barron Postmus, Steve Hahn, Hebe Brooks, Thao Le, Kim Hill, Elaine Monnig, Lou Ann Bower, Ben Williams, Donna Wilson Page, Patsy Lindamood, Pat Meyer, Liz Rugg, Leada Wood, Bob Shepherd, Ann Rogers, Nancy Bozeman, Sharon Hodges, Patricia Regan, Jim W. Phipps, Mark Malone, Kay Wyne, Keith Williams, Michael Holter, Scott McManus, Mack Hays, Lisa Adams Reed, Lily Springer, Linda Popple, Judy Gouge, Sheri Jones, Elinor Taylor, Doris Vasek, Suzie Baker, Linda Wacaster, Robin Ingle, Susan Jump, Linda Reedy, Lynn LaRose, Carol Devereaux, Melissa Lloyd, Gail Daphne Finger, Pete Quaid, Alexander Forbes, Kristine Byars, Roberta Mallard, Rex Miller, Laurieann Dygowski, Victoria Mauldin, Barbara Jones, Lunell Gilley, Ed Crumley, Bill Houchin, Janna Hengy, Steve Miller, Hiral Joshi.

The exhibition features a variety of realism to abstract and contemporary work that the artist depicted of their interpretation of the theme. There are works that we have glimpses of what could have occurred in history. Up close views of humble beginnings of vegetation. Hardworking cattle drivers to wind turbines that shows part of our economic growth. Family traditions that seem to be more valued in the Southwest. Dramas played out from an artist’s imagination. Summer watering holes where you would go to enjoy swimming, fishing or exploring trails. The thrills of the hunt by man or beast. Different cultures were featured such as Native Americans as well as Mexican Americans. Also seen were subjects of well-known animals that are associated to the Southwest like the buffalo, bison, longhorn, donkeys and horses. Landscapes featuring sunsets, Texas Hill Country and desserts of Arizona/New Mexico. Cold winters, small towns that still have gas stations that give full service. Quaint cafes to grab a coffee with a friend. Old pick-up trucks speeding their way across the horizon, rodeo action, ballerinas, cowgirls and spaghetti western pop art.

Pursuit of the Southwest Opening ReceptionAward Announcements At The Opening Reception

This show couldn’t be possible if it were not for the Dutch Art Gallery who has a passion for showing fine art and giving quality service of custom framing. Hans Massar shared some history of their humble beginnings as well as complimenting his wife Pam for the hard work and dedication she has given to the gallery over the years. Pam followed and thanked the artists for their participation in making the show what it is. She shared how customers enjoy these exhibitions and that it is a place where your love for art and the work of the artists connects. She thanked the two judges that took their time to review all the entries.

Our first judge was James W. Stover of Richland College. He has received a Master of Fine Arts from Texas Woman’s University, Denton, TX, a Master of Arts, Columbia University in New York, NY, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Baylor University, Waco, TX. In addition to his teaching experience Mr. Stover has relevant work experience that was part of the jump start for El Centro College in 1966. It was the first of seven colleges created by Dallas County Community College District. Stover helped start the art program at Richland College in 1972 when the college originally opened its doors and has remained a faculty member there ever since. Widely respected as a juror and lecturer, Stover has exhibited artworks in numerous galleries and one-man shows. Stover’s art is found in many private and corporate collections throughout the country. For 30 years, Stover worked with leading designers in Dallas creating commissions for his clients including original illustrations, graphic works, paintings and sculptures. Stover’s works and personal papers are documented in the Smithsonian Institution Archives of American Art.

Our second judge, Elaine Mary Pawlowicz, an Assistant Professor of Art at University of North Texas. She has a MFA Painting and Drawing from Art Institute of Chicago, and a BFA Painting, Printmaking, Photography from Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. Recently, she made tenure, hosts solo exhibitions at several galleries, community colleges in Dallas, Chicago and as far as Istanbul, Turkey. She has been exhibiting work for more than 20 years. She has accepted invitations to present presentations and served on panel discussions for workshops, educational conferences and national foundations with various universities across the US. Organized faculty mentor programs and continually writes letters of recommendations for undergraduate and graduate students. She is involved in serving the community on various projects such as awareness campaigns, reading and learning programs. All by teaching art or auctioning art not just locally in Dallas, but as far as Iceland and New Zealand. Pawlowicz is always searching new ways to tell her modernistic surreal stories by experimenting with composition, scale and repetition. As she paints, she finds peculiar qualities found in the mundane.

The judging criteria were based on 4 categories which are clarity of interpretation, originality, overall composition and overall impression of the work. Each judge scored the entries and were combined to determine 3 top winners. It was a pleasure to hear their perspective of the art entries from these two judges from different backgrounds and experience.

Pursuit of the Southwest 3rd Place Winner3rd Place Winner:
The Journey By Susan Jump

A 20×24 original oil on canvas featuring a young southern woman’s journey into adulthood. Her love of the great outdoors and for animals which lead her into Veterinary Medicine. Also, a journey into life with strong convictions to lead her and to fulfill her dreams. The vast open space of Texas is her heaven on earth.

Susan Jump is a local Texas artist that see’s beauty and art in everything. Art envelopes all my senses and come’s from the soul. It is a part of me as a person. I have been painting since the early eighties and also enjoy woodworking and textiles. Most of my creative pieces are done in oil, acrylic, pastel or clay, however, I am always willing to try something new. Being a wife, mother and grandmother keeps me busy, but art is always part of my day.

The Journey is available for $1,600.00 unframed. To include the Artist custom frame it is an additional $125.

[btn link=”http://dutchartgallery.net/product/the-journey-by-susan-jump/” color=”royalBlue”]Buy Now[/btn]

Pursuit of the Southwest 2nd Place Winner2nd Place Winner:
Snow Walker By Linda Wacaster

An 18×24 original oil on canvas featuring a Red Fox is one of the more beautiful wildlife species in the southwest. Even though they are mainly nocturnal, this piece captures a hunting excursion on a cold winter day.

Linda is a native Texan who lives in Midlothian, Texas with her husband Jerry. The creative process is truly a passion that drives Linda to continually look at each new subject as an opportunity to learn. She believes the challenges in painting are endless and the journey is one that never ends, making life interesting. It is truly a gift to be able to view the world as an artist. Linda’s creative adventures have taken her from Russia to Rome and many other exotic places. But, she finds she is surrounded by beauty everywhere she looks. Such places as Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota are some of her favorite places to go to gather valuable source material. Too often we overlook the simple beauty of God’s creations or pass them by. Linda’s attention to detail and her unique qualities of color, light and form are very important to her. But, it is the ability to reach the viewer with a feeling that they are seeing and feeling what she was experiencing – on that day, in that place and in that way that is most important to her. Linda paints all types of subject matter from wildlife to western. Each subject, whether it is a tiger or a cowboy has a story to tell. And Linda can’t wait to bring that story to life. Linda has won numerous awards and her memberships include Artist’s Craftsman Association, Women Artist’s of the West (where she is a Signature Member of both), Oil Painter’s of America and Outdoor Painters Society. She is a Resident artist at the Ellis County Art Association. She is published in “The International Artists Book “100 Artists Tell How To Paint the Portrait”, as well as Gango Editions.

 Snow Walker is available for $3,600.00 unframed.

[btn link=”http://dutchartgallery.net/product/snow-walker-by-linda-wacaster/” color=”royalBlue”]Buy Now[/btn]

Pursuit of the Southwest 1st Place Winner1st Place Winner:
Kluge By Barron Postmus

A 15×30 original oil on canvas featuring a retired king of the southern plains.

Barron Postmus is a native Californian who spent several years in Hawaii before returning to attend school at the Los Angeles Art Center. A tour in the army took him to Europe where he served as an illustrator. After the service, he was hired as a technical artist until 1968 when he opened his own graphic design and illustration studio. Then in 1985, he finally turned to full-time oil painting and today his work can be seen in shows and galleries throughout the country.

Kluge is available for $1,400.00.

[btn link=”http://dutchartgallery.net/product/kluge-by-barron-postmus/” color=”royalBlue”]Buy Now[/btn]

Rex Miller People's Choice WinnerPeople’s Choice Winner:
Sunset At The Ranch By Rex Miller

An 18×24 original acrylic on canvas featuring a place near the Southeast of El Paso about 35 miles of The Cattlemen’s Restaurant and Indian Cliffs Resort. While waiting for a table this is a vista of their lake and the unusual vegetation at sunset.

Impressionism To Southwest Themes. Rex concentrates primarily on landscapes and figurative painting and especially enjoys southwest themes. He tries to depict a mood from a setting that he personally embraces and that evokes emotions of serenity and nostalgia. His original interpretation of painting leans toward realistic impressionism. His works are primarily done in acrylic, watercolor and pastels.  He began painting at an early age and studied under the renowned Texas artist, Tom Lea and also Robert Massey, although he is mostly self-taught. He has also freelanced in commercial art. He spent most of his working life in the corporate business world with little time to paint and only recently dedicated himself to becoming a full-time painter. Rex’s work can be found in private collections in the United States as well as Europe. The Dutch Art Gallery carries a variety of his work.

Just an hour before we closed the ballot box, the Gallery received a phone call to purchase Sunset At The Ranch. We gave the good news to him of his recent sale and we took a quick picture of Rex before he left with his sweet wife, Ellen. Rex didn’t win a cash prize like the top 3 winners, but the prize is to have new work featured in a one man show in 2015. So stayed tuned to that upcoming show.

[btn link=”http://dutchartgallery.net/product-tag/rex-miller-2/” color=”royalBlue” size=”size-m”]See Available Works By Rex Miller[/btn]

Earlier in the day, the first 33 attendees received for free an original miniature work by one of the artists in the show. Also, four artists shared a presentation about their background, inspirations, their approach and samples of their work. Below you can watch them share.

Watch Artist Roberta Mallard Share Her Story

Roberta Mallard offers her interpretation of natural beauty, history and the human condition in her landscapes, figurative and portraits. Working in oil and acrylic, Roberta paints to communicate her perceptions and feelings as closely as possible to the viewer. Her years as a professional photographer and her darkroom work increased her abilities in contrast, composition and color, leading to her transition as a painter in 2006.

[btn link=”http://dutchartgallery.net/product/the-moon-and-the-cactus-by-roberta-mallard/” color=”royalBlue” size=”size-m”]View Art By Roberta Mallard[/btn]

Watch Artist Patsy Lindamood Share Her Big Move

An established wildlife artist, Patsy Lindamood’s move to Texas in 2012 has provided a wealth of opportunities to experience a new kind of “wild” life…the rodeo. Lindamood has just begun to scratch the surface of this new genre of “wild things” artwork. Her growing body of rodeo-themed work is marked by the same bold, vibrant, colorful, yet strongly representational character as her award-winning wildlife work.  Drawn to bold colors, strong texture, and compositions dominated by a sense of tension created through motion or change in direction, Lindamood finds infinite inspiration in the animal kingdom, from western wildlife roaming the remaining wild spaces of the United States to the rank and rowdy bucking broncs and bulls of the rodeo. Each piece celebrates a momentary communion with wild things and a keen desire to contribute in some small way to the preservation of a world where the buffalo still roam, where the deer and the antelope continue to play, and where the cowboy way of life remains a career option.

[btn link=”http://dutchartgallery.net/product-tag/patsy-lindamood/” color=”royalBlue” size=”size-m”]View Art By Patsy Lindamood[/btn]

Watch Artist Bob Shepherd Paint Like A Venetian

Bob says, “I am the luckiest guy in the world. God gave me the gift of being able to paint and I hope I never waste it or take it for granted. I have studios in my home in Montgomery, Texas and Cloudcroft, New Mexico. Two of the most beautiful places on Earth. I started teaching my method of oil painting this past summer at our cabin in Cloudcroft. It is a great joy and we have a lot of fun.”

Before we could get it in the printed brochure, share the online sneak peak or have it placed on the showcase wall the customer bought the 54×34 Gallery Wrap entry, Texas Sky.

[btn link=”http://dutchartgallery.net/product-tag/bob-shepherd/” color=”royalBlue” size=”size-m”]View Art By Bob Shepherd[/btn]

Watch Artist Kim Hill Share How She Paints Emotions

The focus of Kim’s life is to create powerful, striking paintings which invoke a yearning for the best of what God’s creation offers. Kim Hill was born and raised in rural New England. She began studying with Sidney F. Willis, a Boston School artist, at age 16. This experience set in stone her desire to pursue and develop her lifetime love of painting.  Kim Hill’s work is fresh and colorful. Each painting has its own life and story which draws the viewer in. The rose capital of America, Tyler, Texas, is where Kim lives and works from her studio. Her achievements in painting still life, landscape and portraiture reflect her passion for capturing life’s everyday moments!

“With every painting, I want to provide a window to the world that I see. As you live with the painting, I strive for you to not only enjoy the image, but to also feel the emotion and atmosphere it embodies. What stirs within you is as important to me as everything you see. If I am able to evoke a positive emotional response in you, I feel that I’ve succeeded.”

[btn link=”http://dutchartgallery.net/product-tag/kim-hill/” color=”royalBlue” size=”size-m”]View Art By Kim Hill[/btn]

Over the years the Spring and Fall Shows have become a showcase for established artists, award-winning artists and a launching pad for emerging talent. We hope that you find a piece that you like and connects with you. For information on any of the work in the exhibition or interested in custom framing please contact the Dutch Art Gallery at (214) 348-7350 or view the remaining available works below.

[btn link=”http://dutchartgallery.net/pursuit-of-the-southwest/” color=”royalBlue” size=”size-m”]View Pursuit of the Southwest Art Exhibition[/btn]

The Pursuit of the Southwest Art Exhibition ends on Saturday, March 7, 2015.

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