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DALLAS, TEXAS – The quality of this show’s entries was unparalleled and the voting was tight. This show was open to Artists across the nation from members in various organizations such as the National Oil Acrylic Painter Society, Plein Air Society, as well as local independent Texas art leagues. There was over 300+ entries, but the Dutch Art Gallery Owners, Hans and Pam Massar accepted 97 entries from 49 Artists. Two of the largest entries accepted was a 107×36 titled, “Catch Me If You Can” by Lake Highlands Artist Sharon Hodges and another was a 72×72 mixed media titled, “Cave Walls” of The Forgotten Dreams Series by local Texas Artist Mark Malone. The art featured different mediums such as oils, pastels, watercolor, charcoal and even mixed mediums with cold wax.

Artist Steve Hahn Sitting The Violin Guy's Lamborghini Murcielago

Eye Candy Was Parked Out Front

Show attendees and Northlake shoppers enjoyed a little photo-op in this luxurious ride. Thanks to one of our entertaining sponsors, The Violin Guy. He blessed us with a posh showing of his Lamborghini Murcielago. Our 2013 People’s Choice Fall Winner and art featured in the 2014 Spring Show, Artist Steve Hahn enthusiastically slipped into the bucket seat. Many gawked and enjoyed the sweet sounds of this Italian engine! Thank you to The Violin Guy for sharing this fast roadster in it’s fine class with us.

Joe de AlquezWelcome Back Joe

Upon entering the Dutch Art Gallery, guitarist Joe DeAlcuaz sang popular hits drawing folks to enter the art exhibition with intrigue and mystery. Artists poured in from all parts of Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana to mingle, to see the showcase presentations and of course find out who the winners were.

The first 25 guests were welcomed with a free gift bag that contained an original miniature canvas donated by many of our Artists who entered in this year’s spring show. Dutch Art Gallery customers look forward to seeing these little treasures and they often return with interest to shop leisurely after opening day. The miniatures ranged in all sorts of themes in various mediums. Be sure to come early to the next upcoming annual fall show on Saturday, December 6, 2014.

Showcase Presentations

Presentation By New Gallery Artist Thao LeEvery 15 minutes, there were video presentations or live presentations from participating Artists. The line-up included Chris Brandley*, Lisa Adams Reed*, Joan Eure*, Hebe Brooks*, Debbie Chiecchi Jackson, Charice Cooper*, Janis Krendick, Ann Hardy and Thao Le. Each of the Artists shared their passion and their inspirations.

There were so many beautiful stories, including a heart-felt encounter for the loss of a beloved friend by Ann Hardy, who shared the soul behind her 20×16 original on linen panel entry, Pavlova. Many listening asked questions about their style, techniques and how do they choose their subjects. Attendees noted that they enjoyed the details of the presentations, because you got to see more samples of their work.

You may find their videos by clicking on the above Artist name if you would like to watch their presentation.

Awards Ceremony

Springshow 2014 AttendeesPromptly at 2pm, Pam Massar thanked her customers for being a blessing and the reason why the doors are open in serving quality custom framing to works of art from around the globe. She also mentioned that there’s so much that goes on behind-the-scenes in producing a show. She also thanked the Artists for working with the Gallery and she was awed by many of the works delivered. “Each piece has a story that can draw you in if you let it.” she said. “Artists, thank you for working with us and being apart of the Spring Show. The caliber of Artists among you, your experience and talent I’m so pleased to represent you.”

Hans Massar shared that in selecting another judge, he wanted someone who has an extraordinary value in viewing art. David Dike of David Dike Fine Art came to mind. He is a pre-eminent authority on Texas art and can talk to you about master works by the greatest names of the genre, such as Porfirio Salinas, Julian Onderdonk, William Slaughter and many others. For 28 years, his gallery strives to provide a compilation of traditional and distinctive works for both the new and mature collector with a reputation of being down-to-earth, yet very informative for his love of art. “He is a fun guy and I enjoy his take on faring today’s art market with growing trends.” says Hans,  “His experience in specializing in late 19th and early 20th century European and landscape paintings is very insightful. He added value in jurying the works before us and the Artists entered should be pleased to know that even the ones who may not have won a prize he saw many entries that he could see to be future investments by savvy collectors. He emphasized the art presented had a high caliber of tremendous quality.”

The jury panel were asked to look for in each entry the following: Does the subject encompass the great outdoors with geographical matter, natural objects, wildlife, land, water and/or underwater? Does the subject in oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, charcoal and or mixed media influence us to join the escape to the great outdoors? The total scores were determined by 4 categories of clarity, originality, overall composition and overall impression.

3rd Place Winner Artist Hebe Brooks

The 3rd Place Winner is an original 20×30 oil on canvas titled, “Not Greener On The Other Side” by signature artist of the National Oil Acrylic Painter Society Hebe Brooks.

The painting features a landscape from a Central Texas ranch where they often go fishing with friends and family. Her passion for detail and perfection sets her work apart. It is also this passion that has led to several awards and acceptances into esteemed juried exhibitions. Within the last two years, her paintings have received numerous awards and featured in international art magazines.

[btn link=”” color=”orange”]Click Here To View More Art By Hebe Brooks[/btn]

2nd Place Winner Artist Barron Postmus

The 2nd Place Winner is an original 16×20 oil on canvas titled, “Fall In New Mexico” by a native Californian artist, Barron Postmus.

He has spent several years in Hawaii before returning to attend school at the Los Angeles Art Center. A tour in the army took him to Europe where he served as an illustrator. After the service, he was hired as a technical artist until 1968 when he opened his own graphic design and illustration studio. Then in 1985 Barron finally turned to full-time oil painting and today his work can be seen in shows and galleries throughout the country. This view of an old hacienda outside of Las Cruces, NM was pre-sold in the sneak preview. But, rest assured we have more inventory coming from Mr. Postmus. Currently available his other entry is an 18×24 oil titled, The Drive” featuring his attempt to depict an old-time cattle drive across the southern plains.

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1st Place Winner Artist David Leister

The 1st Place Winner is an original 26×40 oil on canvas titled, “Southwest From Point Arena” by David Leister.

It’s a view looking Southwest from the Point Arena, California lighthouse. Mr. David L. Leister has been drawing and painting since early childhood and he has produced and sold over four hundred paintings which are in private collections in the United States, Europe and the Middle East. He recently retired from a long career as an aeronautical engineer, throughout which he always found time to paint. Mr. Leister is completely self-taught, except for advice given by his artist wife. His paintings have won awards in prestigious shows in Texas and Oklahoma. His chosen painting mediums are oil and watercolor. David is an accomplished classical pianist and amateur musicologist. He enjoys listening to classical, folk, or Celtic music while he paints.

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(Unfortunately, Mr. Barron Postmus and Mr. David Leister were unable to attend the opening reception so we do not have a picture of them next to their winning entry. However, they will be receiving their ribbon, framed certificate and cash prize.)

The People’s Choice Award For BEST IN SHOW was chosen by a vote from people who attended the opening reception on Saturday, May 17, 2014. The people voted on the entry number listed on the display who they thought was the best entry for the spring show. The ballots were counted and the winner announced at 5pm.

People's Choice Award Winner Arist Lisa Adams Reed

This year’s 2014 Spring Show Best In Show is an original mixed media with cold wax titled, “Marais” by Lisa Adams Reed.

She has seen herself as an artist since she was a small child. Lisa knew her creativity would dominate her life and she is all in! She was blessed by a stroke that left her blind in one eye a few years ago. She says, “Funny how it made me see things differently and have an even greater desire to paint the world from this unique perspective.” She discovered her favorite juicy medium when she first opened a jar of cold wax and mixed it with oil. It was like painting with yummy canned frosting! She shares that many layers that she applies, then intuitively scrapes away, always reveals beautiful surprises underneath. So much like life. The stuff that we may have layered on and covered up make us the unique individuals that we are. If we dare peel some layers away our colorful gifts are there in all their glory. She describes her paintings as SoulScapes.

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Each of our top winners will be exhibiting new work this summer 2014.

The Exhibition will be available to view and many entries are still available for purchase through Saturday, July 12, 2014.

LIVE! Performance By The Violin Guy

Immediately followed by the award announcements The Violin Guy performed with his handmade violin the Allegretto. The quality of his musical talent captivated the Dutch Art Gallery audience as well as his vocals in multiple languages. Listen to his exciting performance below in what we experienced in the showroom.

Thank You To The Following Participating Artists

Steve Hahn, Hebe Brooks, Mark Malone, David Leister, Sheri Jones, Robin Ingle, June Holloway, Jill Randall, Ilse Taylor Hable, Pete Quaid, Joan Eure, Ann Hardy, Helen Albritton, Tina Bohlman, Bob Shepherd, Laura Antony, Lunell Gilley, Thao Le, Beth VanDeventer, Jim W. Phipps, Lori Cusick, Laurieann Dygowski, Jorge Fernandez, Donna Bland, Beth Lenderman, Scott McManus, Carlos Esquivel, Janis Krendick, Kay Wyne, Victoria Mauldin, Debbie Grayson Lincoln, Susan Jump, Sharon Hodges, Stephanie Grant, Betty Gates, Ed Crumley, Nancy A. Bozeman, Suzie Baker, Chris Brandley, Lisa Adams Reed, Michael Holter, Debbie Chiecchi Jackson, Kyle Wood, Elinor Taylor, Christine Elaine Patterson, Barron Postmus, Leada Wood, and Charice Cooper.

Gallery Photos

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