Lange's Mill By Steve Hahn SOLD2013 People’s Choice Winner Has Another Piece Sold, BUT There Is More To The Story

It’s nice to share with our art lover’s across the globe that another work of art has been purchased from the Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas, Texas. We absolutely enjoy sharing the news. But the story doesn’t stop there.

Hahn’s long time friends showed interest in the Lange’s Mill original oil painting, because it featured some beautiful memories of a friendship and enriched history. To tell us more we asked Mr. Hahn to share with us a bit of the back story behind this painting.

“I am so pleased to have the Lange’s Mill painting (oil on canvas, 40”x30”) purchased by close friends, Rosemary and Wayne Sullivan. We spent many hours in the Texas Hill Country searching for Indian artifacts. On one of our excursions we visited Lange’s Mill on Threadgill Creek in Gillespie County.

Lange’s Mill, recognized by the Texas State Historical Association, was established in 1849 by the Doss brothers as a grist mill and distillery. A dam and sawmill were added later. German immigrant, William Lange took over the mill in 1866 and ran it until 1880’s.

The Doss community grew out of the activity associated with the mill where a general store, Lutheran church, fire station and schoolhouse made up the town. The school still exists today and is one of the last unconsolidated schools in the state and has grades 1 through 8 with an enrollment averaging 20 students a year.

In 1936, a historical marker was dedicated to Lange’s Mill stating its early regional significance and noting the existence of Indian pictographs on the canyon wall adjacent to the creek. The lure of Indian art was too strong. Without much consideration, the search was on! It was not long before we were unceremoniously asked to leave this person’s private property and informed that there was no Indian pictographs. Seems like there was an expletive used to describe the non-existent pictographs.

We never found any Indian art, but Rosemary did find an arrowhead. We had a good laugh and that day has always been special for the four of us. Rosemary plans to display the arrowhead with the painting.” said Steve Hahn.

We feature an array of art that includes historical landmarks in architecture as well as exotic locations. Maybe one of our Gallery Artist’s has painted your childhood memory, vacation spot or that getaway. We hope that when you invest in art that it is special to you and that you absolutely treasure it.

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