‘I’ll Paint Anything, Within Reason’

– By Sara Gilbert Frederick

Barron Postmus can’t find much to complain about. He lives in sunny Southern California with his wife Jane Skeeter, who he describes as “the love of my life.” He has enjoyed a long career as a successful artist. He’s strong and healthy, thanks to his daily trips to the gym. And he has four happy children and six grandchildren, all of whom help keep him young.

“I’ve been so lucky,” he says. “What a life I’ve had. I’m married to the girl I love, my kids are all doing well, and I make a living painting.” Even so, there’s one thing that sticks in his craw: He wishes he could paint just a little bit looser.

Postmus began his career as an illustrator. He often worked in pen and ink to render technical drawings that required an extreme level of exactitude. The attention to detail and tight style he honed during his years working in commercial art stuck with him, as he transitioned to fine art. Thirty years later, he’s still struggling to loosen up.

Article written by Sara Gilbert Frederick is featured in the 2017 March issue of Art of the West Magazine. To read the rest of the article please subscribe with them or purchase it a magazine stand. Barron Postmus has works available to acquire in our showroom, on our website and/or is available for commission projects.


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