This page is intended for Dutch Art Gallery artists that have a current contract. New artists who are seeking representation will be advised to enter in the upcoming shows. Thank You.

Online Gallery Inventory Requirements:

PLEASE READ: The images that are used on the website have a 72 dpi resolution. We do not need any images at 300 dpi for anything related for web viewing. Your image dimension sizes in pixels should be maximum 2500 pixels + in Width. Minimum 1000 pixels + in Width. When you are taking pictures of your work make sure that your digital camera setting is set on Medium.

Naming your jpg files properly.
For example: title_8x8_yourname.jpg

Printing: Yes, we will use your images to be included in promotional items for the Gallery that is included as per your contract agreement. Your work will be sized down to approximately a postcard size or smaller. Please note we only sell your original art that is supplied in the delivery of your inventory only. We do not offer or have any interest in selling prints of your original art. Nor are we willing to sell your images to any third parties.

Please upload your images one image at a time. Include the same details that is mentioned on your inventory sheet.

Your online inventory will not be applied until there is a signed contract agreement of representation and artwork must be in the Gallery’s possession. Even if you include it on your inventory sheet but it is not at the Gallery we will not add it to the online inventory.

Artwork Display Signage

Display Signage Sample

Above is a visual reference of the 6 items to make sure you fill out on your online Artwork Submission form. Depending on the device you are using the form will either be on the right or below. You will see this information on the Display Card that is hung next to your artwork AND it will be used for your online inventory information.

Artist Artwork Submission Form


Art Submission: Upload Your Artwork (pdf, png, jpg, docx, doc)


About The Artist: Upload Your Bio or Headshot (pdf, png, jpg, docx, doc)