Elizabeth SchowachertENCAUSTIC

Having been born and raised in Northern California, I have always had a deep appreciation and affinity with the sea and the natural beauty of the Northern California coastline. My paintings reflect my bond with nature and deep love of the ocean.

For me, discovery and creative exploration are an essential part of making art. My work is as much about the process of discovery as it is about the articulation of an idea, a feeling or a place. Creating art is an essential part of who I am and my hope is that my work reflects the deep passion and joy I feel when I am painting. In my most recent work submerged my intent is to explore life underwater, in its most organic forms. A watery, sweet, lush landscape, full of vibrant color, and organic shapes.

It is also a metaphor for personal transformation, the journeys that we often take as we make our way through life, exploring human nature, our inner most thoughts and overcoming fears. Transformation in its most basic form. The same concept can be applied to the medium itself, encaustic. The transformation of the wax as it is painted and fused onto the canvas, the melding of color, light and shape.

I have explored many different mediums over the years, including mosaic, acrylic and oil paint. Currently I am working primarily with the encaustic medium.

My studio is located in Southlake, Texas.

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