Anne L. Hines ArtistInspired Art By Combining Faith & Talent

As a young girl I knew I was an artist. Making art was my favorite pastime. I spent countless hours drawing horses and cowboys while watching TV episodes of Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. Midwestern roots and life on an Ohio farm were important influences. My father taught me to love and respect all God’s creatures and appreciate the smallest details and beauty in nature.

I knew early that I “saw” things differently from most people.

In the 1960’s neither being an artist nor having an art degree was considered a “serious” career choice. So degrees in Liberal Arts and Interior Design followed by 35 years as a commercial designer is how my artist dream was manifested. In 1996 during a conversation with my father just prior to his death, he acknowledged me an “artist” and told me to get about living the dream I once had. That conversation was the permission I needed to finally embrace the artist within my soul.

My art is both two and three dimensional. Essentially a painter using water-based media, I also make small sculptures with found objects using whatever man and nature discard. My favorites items are small containers such as mint tins, tree parts and “treasures” found during walks. St. Francis of Assisi said it is worthy elevating the humble to the holy which inspires me to collect “trash and make it into treasures.”

During my “art process” I experience increased energy with a sense of urgency. Ideas come fast and time zips by. I struggle with the urge to over-think ideas and just let the Holy Spirit guide me. In those precious moments I recognize that I am merely God’s child using the gift of talent that He gave me to honor Him.

The small drawing to the right is a self-portrait made at age six, drawn with crayons on onion-skin paper. It is the only surviving drawing from my childhood.

The photo is my buckskin quarterhorse, Mr. Dillon, named after Marshall Dillon of the 1960’s TV show Gunsmoke.

I live and work in Dallas,Texas, and welcome your inquiries and comments.

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